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Orange Wine

Orange wine, also known as orange wine, "skin-contact" wine or "macerated" wine, is a unique type of white wine produced through an ancient technique that originated in countries such as Georgia and Italy. Unlike traditional white wine making processes where the skins are removed after the grapes are pressed, in orange wine the skins remain in contact with the juice during fermentation. This prolonged skin contact gives the wine its distinctive orange colour, from which it gets its name.

Orange wine is characterised by a complex flavour profile that has both the freshness and acidity of white wines and the tannic structure of red wines. Aromatically, it often offers a blend of honey, nuts, dried fruits and citrus notes, combined with an earthy, almost amber depth. Because of its distinct structure and intense aroma, orange wine can complement a variety of foods, from savoury dishes to spicy and exotic cuisines.

Orange wine is often produced in small quantities by dedicated winemakers who use traditional methods and sustainable practices. It is a unique addition to any wine cellar and a perfect treat for wine lovers looking for new taste experiences.