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One can only take one's hat off to the courage of Heike and Gernot Heinrich. The step into biodynamics was a matter of course for them. But to turn a farm with an impressive one hundred hectares of vineyards around in such a stylistic way is hard to beat in terms of consistency and conviction that their idea is the right one. They subordinated their processes and work steps to their new understanding of wine and the budding ideas. The results can be found in the glass: Numerous wines - above all the Freyheit line - are reductive, puristic and partly characterised by macerations and maceration periods. But their wines are far from being experiments, they are sophisticated and well-balanced, they have a hand and a foot.

amphora heinrich winery Gernot Heinrich with his amphorae

The red wines made from Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and Saint Laurent shows this further development of the own style. The wines benefit from the delicate reduction, are Silky in appearance and racy on the palate. The drinking flow is clearly stimulated. There is a common thread throughout the range. Of course, classics like a Pannobile or Salt Mountain have remained true to their direction, but are now interpreted in a somewhat clearer and purer way.

Sustainability is a top priority at Heinrich

The entire collection has evolved from predominantly classically vinified wines to a Eldorado for natural wines and orange wines developed. Precision, freshness and drinkability became increasingly important to the two of them, so that their interests have clearly shifted in a different direction. This guiding principle is well thought out and firmly anchored. The Heinrichs' wines have always been characterised by their origins. The changes in the vineyard towards biodynamic cultivation and working in rhythm with nature have already set accents. The stylistic reorientation corresponds exactly to their Understanding wine in the here and now and with a view to the future.

Even in the modern cellar, the processes are subordinate to gravity, logical work steps and a gentle slow ageing. Large Clay amphorae are being used more and more frequently and are increasingly replacing the small wooden barrels. In the Fuder, but especially in the amphora, Gernot sees the ideal medium to elicit the character of origin from the wines from the numerous plots of the region. In summary, this is an overall picture with foresight.

Written by Marian Henß.