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Vins Nus

Vins Nus is architect Alfredo Arribas' most natural project in Priorat and Montsant. The «Instabile» series probably represents the most serene side of this. Alfredo's idea of the infinite vineyard is consistently lived out here thanks to a total freedom in blending and experimentation.

Vins Nus - everything is in flux

Even the labels of Vins Nus reveal the close artistic-architectural connection that defines Arribas' creativity in winemaking. There is a drawing reminiscent of Calder's sculptures, more specifically his Mobiles - kinetic sculptures set in motion by a motor or simply by the wind.

alfredo arribas at his vins nus winery celler
Alfredo Arribas in the cellar of Vins Nus
Photo: Winery

Rarely have I experienced stronger consistency between the outside and the inside of a bottle: the wines from the «Instabile» series are mobile, shape-changing. Changing, even through the absence of sulphur. They live between the movement that produced them (without distinguishing between grapes, vintages or winemaking methods) and that which takes place after opening the bottle. Then the wines show all their lively generosity.