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Discovery from Sancerre

They still exist, these remarkable discoveries in a wine region that one thinks has long been known through and through. But these discoveries, of course, have a lot to do with change. In our case, the style and also the quality has changed in the Winery Claude Riffault has changed remarkably in recent years. Responsible for this are Stéphane and Bénédictine Riffault.

His wines have a style all of their own. They are on the one hand fruity, on the other hand in their structure crystal clear and pure. They are neither covered with reduction notes, as one likes to find it currently also at the Loire, nor are they characterized by wood, even though he vinifies all the site and parcel wines in wood. But it is always perennial Tonneaux which are the Basis for the desired texture offer

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domaine claude riffault
Caude Riffault - our new discovery

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Germany has long been on the advance in terms of natural wines and organic wines. At Living wines you will receive a fine selection of over 250+ German wines. Take a look at all Organic wines from Germany in the overview or jump directly to your preferred growing region:

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France is the avant-gardist and pioneer in the natural wine sector. Organic wines from France represent the largest category in the shop of Living wines present. You will find nearly 800 French natural wines. Choose directly a growing region:

French wines from: Bordeaux | Burgundy | Cahors | Champagne | Alsace | Corsica | Languedoc | Loire | Normandy | Provence | Rhône | Roussillon


Italy is one of the pioneers in the organic and natural wine sector. With us you will find wines from the Italian growing areas Abruzzo | Piedmont | Sicily | South Tyrol | Tuscany | Trentin | Veneto

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Austrian organic wines from the growing regions Burgenland/Lake Neusiedl | Krems | South Styria | Wachau | Wagram | Vienna


The Portuguese region vinho verde stands for summer-fresh wines, with us even as natural wines from Portugal.

The Winery Aphros is the driving force behind the Portuguese natural wine movement.


Hungary is a wine-growing country with centuries of history. After the slumber during the Soviet era, the country has been experiencing a revival for some time. Famous for sweet wines from the Tokaj region, Hungary also offers exceptionally characterful dry wines made from the autochthonous varieties Furmint and Hárslevlü.

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Portrait of a winemaker

Julia Bertram, Ahr, Germany

julia bertram winemaker in the cellar

Julia Bertram produces taut, elegant Burgundy wines on the Ahr, characterized by clear fruit and minerality. Read the entire portrait here

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