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Drappier Family

New: Champagne Drappier

The leading winery of the Côte des Bar.
Experience the outstanding quality of Champagne Drappier, the best house of the Côte des Bar. For over two centuries, the Drappier family has characterised viticulture in this dynamic region. As a pioneer, Drappier favours sustainable viticulture and the preservation of rare grape varieties such as Arbanne, Petit Meslier and Fromenteau.

More than 2000 Premium wines from Europe's top terroirs. Natural cultivation, traditional cellar art.

«Living Wines» is your online expert for premium organic and natural wines from the classic European wine regions.

We exclusively offer wines from small, family-run wineries,who are dedicated to ecological, fair and sustainable practices.

Curated wine selection
✯ 2400+ wines in the range
✯ Classics & avant-garde
✯ Prices like at the winegrower's

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Champagne biodynamic

Living Wines is one of the largest suppliers of Winemaker Champagne in Europe.

Over 100 Champagne wines from established boutique winemakers alongside new, young, wild ones.

Wineries in focus

la nerthe aerial view
closerie saint roc vineyard view on les pins
Biodynamics is understood as a holistic concept at Odinstal

Winery in focus: Peter Jakob Kühn

Wine Knowledge: Piedmont - vintages and ratings

Magazine: Côte d'Or, The Beautiful Monster


- New wines every month

Our product range is constantly changing.
New vintages and new wineries are added every month.

Top winemakers from Germany

Germany has long been on the advance in terms of natural wines and organic wines. At Living wines you will receive a fine selection of over 250+ German wines. Take a look at all Organic wines from Germany in the overview or jump directly to your preferred growing region.

Kühling-Gillot & Battenfeld-Spanier
Peter Jakob Kühn
Franz Keller
Luckert tithe yard

German natural and organic wines from: Ahr | Baden | Franconia | Moselle | Palatinate | Rheingau | Rhinehessen

Top winemakers from France

France is the avant-gardist and pioneer in the natural wine sector. Organic wines from France represent the largest category in the shop of Living wines present. You will find almost 800 natural French wines. Choose directly your favourite winegrower or your preferred growing region.

Chandon de Briailles
Château de Béru
Château La Nerthe
Rémi Jobard
Château de Pibarnon
Domaine Vacheron
Champagne De Sousa

French wines from: Bordeaux | Burgundy | Cahors | Champagne | Alsace | Corsica | Languedoc | Loire | Normandy | Provence | Rhône | Roussillon


Italy is one of the pioneers in the organic and natural wine sector. With us you will find wines from the Italian growing areas Abruzzo | Piedmont | Sicily | South Tyrol | Tuscany | Trentin | Veneto

All Wines from Italy


The Portuguese region vinho verde stands for summer-fresh wines, with us even as natural wines from Portugal.

The Winery Aphros is the driving force behind the Portuguese natural wine movement.


Austrian organic wines from the growing regions Burgenland/Lake Neusiedl | Krems | South Styria | Wachau | Wagram | Vienna


Hungary is a wine-growing country with centuries of history. After the slumber during the Soviet era, the country has been experiencing a revival for some time. Famous for sweet wines from the Tokaj region, Hungary also offers exceptionally characterful dry wines made from the autochthonous varieties Furmint and Hárslevlü.

See here all hungarian Naur wines from the Tokaj region


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