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The young house of Lacourte-Godbillon stands for outstanding quality in the champagne segment, particularly emphasised by its "Terroirs d'Ecueil". This champagne is characterised by its fine structure, straightforwardness and elegance without superfluous embellishments. It captivates with its subtle fruitiness paired with intense minerality. The Brut Nature from Lacourte-Godbillon continues this line even more consistently by completely dispensing with additional embellishments. With the 2013 vintage champagne, they present a complex sparkling wine that impresses with its maturity and a restrained dosage of just 3 grams per litre. This champagne combines finesse, complexity and pure enjoyment, ideal for big occasions or as an accompaniment to classic dishes.

Lacourte Godbillon family in the champagne cellar

The Champagne region in transition

For a long time, the winegrowers of Champagne were tied to the large wine houses by long-term contracts, which was not a problem for many due to the high grape prices in the region. However, a new generation of winegrowers is striving for change and the desire to go their own way and create individual wines. This movement has led to a remarkable diversification and an increase in the character of Champagne wines. The diversity of styles is increasingly enriching the wine world.

Lacourte-Godbillon: tradition meets modernity

This development has also affected the Lacourte-Godbillon wine estate, which is now run with dedication by Geraldine Lacourte and her husband Richard Desvignes. They mainly cultivate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir on eight hectares of vineyards in the prestigious Montagne de Reims. Their focus is on the vineyards around their home village, which allows them to concentrate fully on the care of the vines and minimise transport routes. The winery's philosophy emphasises that true quality is created in the vineyard, not in the cellar. Lacourte-Godbillon wines ferment in stainless steel tanks and undergo a gentle second fermentation in the bottle, often with little or no added dosage. Their style is modern, clear and precise - a true expression of quality and craftsmanship.