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The Drappier house is one of the pioneers of high-quality champagne on the Côte des Bar. The family favours organic and biodynamic cultivation, promotes rare grape varieties and is testing the new, fungus-resistant Voltis variety. Drappier is a flagship of the region with a focus on climate-neutral, future-orientated viticulture.

The history of the winery dates back to 1116, when St Bernard of Clairvaux introduced the Pinot precursor Morillon Noir. Today, the family owns 62 hectares of vineyards, 17 of which are certified organic. The vineyards consist of 70% Pinot Noir, supplemented by Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and historical varieties.
The eighth generation of Drappiers is leading the winery into the future: Charline is in charge of marketing, Hugo of winemaking and Antoine of sustainability. Since 2016, Drappier has been the first climate-neutral house in Champagne.

Gentle methods are used in the winemaking process: Only the first pressing is used, fermentation is cool and hardly any sulphur is used. The wines are matured in stainless steel or used wood and are neither stabilised nor filtered.

Drappier creates champagnes full of character from historic grape varieties such as the Quattuor (Arbanne, Petit Meslier, Blanc Vrai, Chardonnay) or the Trop m'en faut! from Pinot Gris. The Rosé Brut Nature and the Brut Nature Sans Soufre, both pure Pinot Noir without dosage, exemplify the powerful, fruit-driven Drappier style and are excellent accompaniments to food.