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Trapet Alsace

"Trapet? Isn't that in Burgundy?" Correct! Jean-Louis Trapet has his Home in Gevrey-Chambertin and sets the tone for Pinot Noir there. His wife Andrée comes from Riquewihr in Alsace and didn't want to give up his parents' business.

The two wineries complement each other excellently through their different focuses. The high quality understanding unites them. Jean-Louis and Andrée manage the farms with the utmost meticulousness and according to biodynamic principles. The soil, the sites and the decoding of the origin are in focus. It is important to the Trapet family to accompany the vine in its development and not to dominate it. In the cellar, the same credo applies to the nascent wine. The expectation of the name Trapet is also decisive for the production of the wines in Alsace.

"People come and go, the ground stays."
Trapet family at the Schlossberg Grand Cru Alsace

More about Trapet Alsace

More about Trapet Alsace

This is the guiding principle that Andrée follows. Accordingly, the work is designed to create a foundation for future generations. The expressiveness and diversity of the vineyards must be preserved for the long term.

Grape Varieties & Wines

They grow Riesling on just seven hectares of vineyards, GewürztraminerAuxerrois, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Typical for Alsace, the geology varies enormously between the individual sites. With the wines, one wants to bring out exactly this diversity. The attentive cultivation of the vineyards in combination with the strengthened and intact ecosystem, has made a clear quality leap possible in recent years.

As in Burgundy, Alsace also has an excellent basic cuvée called A Minima. The OX is an accessible and expressive Auxerrois. A valuable alternative to the usual white and grey Burgundies. Four Grand Cru sites can be found in the Trapets portfolio. Especially the Riesling can fully develop. Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer also find their perfect environment in the best vineyards.

In the Pinot Noir Chapelle 1441, the parallels to Burgundy are clearly recognisable. Here, Jean-Louis can bring in his entire wealth of experience. This Pinot Noir has nothing to fear from comparison with the great names of Burgundy.

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