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elisabetta foradori in the basement

elisabetta foradori in the basement

Elisabetta Foradori is a living legend in the wine world. First, she provided with her Granato from Teroldego according to the Bordelais model caused a sensation. Later, it was the wines from that Teroldego as well as autochthonous, white grape varieties in Tinaja's - traditional clay amphorae. The Granato was born in the 1980ies. It lived from power and tannin. However, instead of Merlot and Cabernet, Elisabetta trusted her native variety.

She started a success story that lasts until today. She has shifted her stylistic focus a little, so that the wines also followed her personal development. The wood is no longer quite so present and the wines find their expression today more about fruit instead of power.

More about Foradori

Later, Elisabetta Foradori discovered the vinification in amphorae in parallel to the guaranteed success. Teroldego as well as the white grape varieties Manzoni Bianco, Nosiola, and later Pinot Grigio found their way into the containers according to the ancient model. The wines ferment completely with mash and sometimes with stems in the clay. They live from a very own energy and special character.

The two wines Morei and Sgarzon are a great pair of Teroldego. Morei is dark, powerful and spicy. Sgarzon is carried by a cool elegance and conveys minerality. The comparison is difficult and is a purely subjective decision.

The next generation & white wine with a difference

Today, Elisabetta's son Emilio is in charge of the business. He is carrying on his mother's idea. Possibly, the winery is lifted to a new level by his penchant for precision. Emilio brings the necessary vision from his experience in other wineries and has meticulousness for the complex processes during the fermentations in the Tinaja. The wines have been gaining even more consistency, filigree, and elegance over the past few years.

The holistic idea of the demeter farm is lived even more consistently in the current generation. Both the own herd of cows and the planting of the vine rows or the areas under the typical pergola vine rows play a role. Emilio's sister Myrta Foradori grows vegetables of the highest quality and above all old varieties there. The top gastronomy of the region belongs to the regular customers.

The Fontanasanta Nosiola clearly belongs to the ideal examples of a macerated white wine from the amphora. Full of vitality and pressure, this wine makes its way. The Fuoripista Pinot Grigio has nothing to do with the ubiquitous notions of a boring Pinot Gris. The grape variety is naturally not white, but slightly reddish. Thanks to the mash contact, this is even pomegranate red and benefits from bitterness and a full, complex mouthfeel.

Written by Marian Henß
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