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«Living Wines» is a young company from Berlin, an online shop for organic and natural wines. We offer an assortment of over 1800 selected wines from the classic European wine-growing regions. Besides France, Spain and Italy, our focus is on organic wines from Germany as well as Champagne from biodynamic production. Besides the classics, we offer special wines from Hungary and Portugal.

Lebendigeweine.de was founded in 2019 by Dimitri "Mitya" Taits. Dimitri is an online expert, winemaker and sommelier and has been working in the wine industry since 2006. After working for the wineries Schlossgut Diel, Jean Stodden and Peter Jakob Kühn, he started his own business as a marketing consultant while studying wine business. During this time, he supported the Hamburg wine merchant Hawesko in setting up its online presence. After further engagements for TVINO, Campus Geisenheim, the German Wine Institute and the Mosel Wine Museum, he worked as a sommelier for Maxime's Natural Wines and Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer (**Michelin), among others.

After another foray into the start-up world as a manager (Happy Famealy, ViniGrandi), Mitya founded the online shop Lebendigeweine.de in 2019.

Our office is in Berlin, air-conditioned storage and shipping is done by our wine logistics expert in Southern Germany.