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Living Wines Magazine

Living Wines Magazine

duemani luca d attomo elena celli in the cellar

Tuscany longing with Duemani

    Imagine strolling through the rolling hills of Tuscany, surrounded by vines swaying in the warm light of the setting sun. The air is filled with the scent of ripe grapes and the promise of exceptional wine enjoyment. Welcome to the world of the Duemani winery - a place where... 

    domaine huet lage clos du bourg

    Domaine Huet's new vintage 2022

      In a class of its own ... Domaine Huet, located in Vouvray on the Loire, is one of the most important wine estates in France. It was founded in 1928, when Victor Huet and his wife Anna-Constance discovered the building in search of a new place to live and work. They acquired the house... 

      flowers on old tray jill burrow

      Rosé - An experiment

        After the interesting article in the FAZ am Sonntag recommending many rosés from Lebendige Weine, I thought I would also express my opinion on the subject of "rosé wines". Just a few days ago I served some of these "divisive" wines during a wine club and the ensuing discussion was really interesting. I...