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domaine huet lage clos du bourg

Domaine Huet's new vintage 2022

In a class of its own ... Domaine Huet, located in Vouvray on the Loire, is one of the most important wine estates in France. It was founded in 1928, when Victor Huet and his wife Anna-Constance discovered the building in search of a new place to live and work. They acquired the house... 

enceladus buried underneath mount etna Bernard Picart

Notes on natural wine in Sicily

Natural winemakers are now well established on the island of Sicily. But let us make a brief digression to the people who made this possible. The history of wine, like much that concerns man, is not a straight line. It has many twists and turns, and each path is... 

flowers on old tray jill burrow

Rosé - An experiment

After the interesting article in the FAZ am Sonntag recommending many rosés from Lebendige Weine, I thought I would also express my opinion on the subject of "rosé wines". Just a few days ago I served some of these "divisive" wines during a wine club and the ensuing discussion was really interesting. I... 

darling arias woman drinking orange wine

Orange wine: the new old wine colour

There is something special about orange wines that makes them a fascinating choice at any time of year. They uniquely combine the refreshing nature of white wines with the structure of red wines. The intense colour that a glass of orange wine exhibits can brighten any moment and create a calming atmosphere. In... 

chateau beru chablis amphora celler

Step by step through Burgundy: Chablis

Burgundy! A name that immediately conveys finesse. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir at the highest level, but also Aligoté and Gamay contribute to the region's amazing portfolio. Names like Côte d'Or, Beaune, Pouilly-Fuissé and Chablis are on the minds of all wine lovers and on the wine lists of the most important restaurants. But what... 


The Zen of the Panettone Gastronomico

Parents think about how to fit the whole family into one room.Children check (expensive) flights for the journey home.Couples buy nice presents for each other.Friends decide which of them will host the dinner (and the party afterwards). Ah, the Christmas season! I may sound a little cold-hearted now, but let... 

Watanabe Seitei Mouse with Grapes

Dolcetto the gentle

Italy is a country of poets and we love our little jokes. The word Dolcetto means the little sweet in Italian. So far so good. The problem is that the wine is dry and not sweet at all. There are two theories about the etymology of the name: «Dolcetto» may derive from... 

Wiki public domaine HieronymusBosch

Make Wine Not War

The city of Lucca was a dream for a teenager like me. I went by train to one of the biggest comic fairs in Italy, and I still remember the crowds of teenagers getting off at the station and flooding the streets of the medieval town. I remember the beautiful, well...