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Huré Frères

The Huré-Frères champagne house is a young family business that was founded 50 years ago and is now run by the brothers Francois and Pierre with the support of their father Raoul. It is located in Ludes in the north of the Montagne de Reims, where most of their 1er Cru vineyards are located.

The terroir.

The 1er Cru wine from Ludes is characterised by finesse and elegance, while the 1er Cru from Villedommange on the western side produces fuller-bodied and more balanced wines. Brouillet, Serzy and Prin are three terroirs that lie close to each other in the Ardre Valley. The slightly cooler climate produces wines with a unique freshness. Finally, to the south lies the younger Vitriat vineyard, where Vavray Le Grand is located, with its pronounced minerality and powerful flavours.

Champagne is a mosaic of different terroirs, and knowing their every nuance is the credo of this family. For these winegrowers, every village, every slope and every piece of land deserves attention in order to develop its unique aromatic profile.

The cellar.

Expressing the different personalities of each grape also requires a dynamic vinification process that extends from the field to the cellar. Harvesting at the right time is crucial, and each village and each block has different needs. In the cellar, this idea is reflected in a diversified vinification of each village, each grape variety and each parcel. This meticulous process guarantees the regularity and precision of the cuvée.

The Huré Frères Invitation champagne is perhaps the best expression of the value of reserve wines. Aged in oak barrels and tanks, they are blended with new vintages using the solera method. Maturation on the lees is the final touch, with the Brut Réserve Invitation resting for three years and the Sélection Instantanée for six years.

In a region such as Champagne, which is traditionally dedicated to blending, the idea of Champagne Huré Frères 4 éléments already sounds interesting. For each vintage, each grape (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier) is harvested from a specific parcel and bottled individually. In this way, Huré-Frères reveals the potential and expression of the invisible link between fruit and terroir.

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