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Terroir al Limit

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Tatjana Peceric & Dominik Huber - heart and soul of Terroir al Limit

Dominik Huber is a true phenomenon. Born in Munich, he made it as a lateral entrant with his winery Terroir al Limit to the top of one of the most sought-after wine regions in the world. After internships in Priorat and Roussillon, he entered into a collaboration with cult South African winemaker Eben Sadie and founded a small winery in the depths of Priorat, in Torroja.

With many well-considered steps, the best parcels come into his hands. Huber's wines hit the nerve of the time: elegant terroir wines full of finesse and drinking flow. The assortment is based on the Burgundian quality pyramid by Villages, Premier Cru and Grand Cru built up.

The Terroir al Limit wine range

With the Terra de Cuques Blanc and Negre he offers two very good wines that represent the character of Torroja and the local grape varieties in the style of a local wine. The white is made from Muscat and Pedro Ximénez and is full of freshness, minerality and Mediterranean aromas. For the red, Cariñena and Garnacha are the dream pairing for a darkly spicy Mediterranean wine. Two very good single-vineyard wines based on spicy Cariñena follow in the next stage. Dits del Terra lives from a cool, dark elegance with silky minerality . The counterpart Arbossar is more powerful and intense. Its two Grand Cru sites Les Tosses and Les Manyes have been causing a sensation for some years now.

Year after year, journalists litter these wines with superlatives and top ratings. Les Tosses from old Cariñena vines is filigree, reveals pure slate minerality and is simply a poem of a wine.

Les Manyes is Huber's only single-vineyard wine made from Garnacha from a stunning vineyard high in the Montsant mountains. Deeply dark, full of power and at the same time tight as silk. A true monument.

Then and now

Dominik is also a phenomenon because he can adapt wonderfully to the circumstances. His style has evolved over time. He counteracts the hot summer days and the high ripeness associated with them by biodynamic measures in the vineyard and a very early harvest. There is hardly anyone in the region who harvests as gently as he does. In the beginning, the winery worked with a lot of new wooden barrels and bottled wines with a high concentration. Today, the wines are clearly leaner and more filigree. Wood is only used cautiously in the form of used barrels. The switch from Bordeaux to Burgundy bottles is a clear symbol of this change in direction. With Terroir al Limit, Huber absolutely belongs to the first guard of the Priorat. After the great pioneers of this region started in the 1980ies, Huber is, besides Sara Perez, Ester Nin, and René Barbier Jr. the squad of the present.

His new project in neighbouring Montsant is also exciting. Under the name Terroir Sense Fronteres Dominik and his experienced partner Tatjana Peceric follow a similar concept, but they do not use wooden barrels in the cellar. In Montsant, the wines show a clear fruit profile, accessible and open-hearted. The wines in Priorat seem to be much more serious and sublime.

Written by Marian Henß
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