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Domaine Zind-Humbrecht

The Humbrecht family (today Zind-Humbrecht) has been cultivating the large vineyards of Alsace since the 17th century.at the end of the last millennium, the conversion to organic viticulture was completed. Only a few years later, the consistent step towards biodynamics was taken. The forty hectares of vineyards on the best sites are cultivated by a large and experienced team. With the highest Meticulousness and precision you look at the smallest details in the vineyard day after day.

Nearly twenty years of an intact, stable. Ecosystem in the vineyards let the current generation around Olivier Humbrecht harvest the fruits. Today, the grapes ripen with a fabulous stability and inner balance, the vineyards radiate with vitality, and the challenges of more demanding vintages are much easier to master.

Perfectionist and impulse generator

Olivier Humbrecht, in addition to his oenological training, is also Master of Winethus, on the highest educational level of the wine world. He is considered as perfectionist and impulse giver for the industry. Some even call him the best active vintner. Besides, he is the head of the Biodyvin association and constantly motivates his colleagues to top performances and to the corresponding commitment.

The new winery was built according to his ideas. A perfectionist, Olivier has left no detail unturned and thought through every step. In the middle of the vineyards you have here on several floors carved out a refugeto be able to produce great wines. With the help of very slow fermentation processes and a yeast contact of at least six months, the wines are Texture and stability awarded. No wine is bottled under one year of aging in the cellar. The tendency is clearly towards two years.

Olivier Humbrecht of Zind Humbrecht Winery
Olivier Humbrecht of Zind-Humbrecht Winery

Score by Zind-Humbrecht

Zind-Humbrecht masters the full range of grape varieties common in Alsace. In addition to the aromatic varieties Muscat and Gewürztraminer, both Riesling and Burgundy grape varieties are well established.
Noble, noble sweet wines are produced from outstanding sites only in the best vintages. The long-lived, residually sweet wines are a speciality in the region. But one Arc of Suspensean energy and presence like Zind-Humbrecht is an extremely rare experience. The dry, great wines from Pinot Gris and Riesling belong to the best that these two grape varieties have to offer worldwide.