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The entire Palatinate benefits from the Rhine rift valley and its geological faults. Thus it often happens that within a few hundred metres the subsoil varies from basalt to red sandstone to shell limestone. In the Odinstal vineyard, this phenomenon is taken to extremes on just five hectares. The primary rocks are thus in direct proximity. Basalt, shell limestone, Keuper and mottled sandstone.

Andreas Schumann is responsible for the small winery and lives the biodynamic, holistic idea like hardly anyone else. The winery has the clear advantage that it has no neighbours apart from woods and meadows. Biodynamics can take full effect here and is not impaired by the working methods in neighbouring vineyards.

Schumann is committed to origin and authenticity. With the grape varieties Riesling, Silvaner, Pinot Blanc and Auxerrois, he plays with the different soil conditions. Rarely does one experience a better comparison of different soils than when tasting his Rieslings from basalt, red sandstone and shell limestone. The comparison is worthwhile and offers exciting insights into personal preferences.

Both the Pinot Blanc and the Auxerrois come out very well in the different soil types. The wines need not fear comparison with the best growths of these varieties in the country.

Odinstal has the highest sites in the Palatinate

Odinstal is located high above Wachenheim and, at 350 metres above sea level, represents the highest sites in the Palatinate. The somewhat cooler environment thus ensures a slower ripening cycle for the vines. Andreas Schumann completed his training at the biodynamic Primus Bürklin-Wolf in Wachenheim and knows the conditions there very well. Up on Odinstal, you can watch his colleagues down in the valley start the harvest and literally watch his vines slowly ripen. Andreas Schumann is also known as a curious, reflective winemaker. He likes to experiment with mash contact, amphora fermentation or significantly reducing the use of sulphur. Silvaner Nakt is a living example of this style, realised with a great deal of understanding and skill.

Text and wine expertise: © Marian Henß.