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de Bichery

Raffael and Hannah Piconnet took over their inheritance from Raphael's father in 2015 and immediately converted to organic. He learned in Burgundy - which you can see in the style - and she comes from East Frisia. 2015 was the first vintage with just 5,000 bottles. There should be a few more as the years go by, but in the end they're aiming for no more than 15,000. This is the amount they can and want to produce with the small team.

All with no or minimal dosage and either no SO2 or as little as possible. The grapes are harvested rather ripe. The base wines are fermented partly in stainless steel partly in bar- rique and then stored in barrels from Burgundy. The style is out of the ordinary! Not tight and meagre, but vinous, juicy, full-bodied, drinkable, but complex - grabs you and doesn't let go. This is Burgundy with pearls.