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An ambitious project in the picturesque Troissy-Bouquigny region of the Vallée de la Marne, the Alexis Champagne Winery is an emerging icon in the world of fine wine. Alexis Leconte, sixth generation of the famous Champagne Xavier Leconte estate, brought a fresh and innovative perspective to the traditional Champagne business in 2015 when he founded this winery.

The history of the Alexis Champagne Winery is deeply rooted in wine tradition. The roots of Maison Xavier Leconte go back to 1870, when Onésime Leconte laid the foundation for a long tradition of winemaking. In 1980, Xavier, Alexis' father, took the reins and led the family business to new heights.

At the heart of Champagne Alexis are the carefully cultivated vineyards, which extend over small plots in Troissy, Dormans, Mareuil-le-Port, Vandières and Ay. Alexis' preference for biodynamic cultivation is particularly noteworthy. He pays impressive attention to the lunar cycles, both when working in the vineyard and in the cellar, and relies on parcel vinification to preserve the purity and uniqueness of each variety. The winery relies more heavily on spontaneous fermentations with indigenous yeasts, with minimal intervention during the process. This meticulous approach, combined with the decision not to use malolactic fermentation, ensures that every drop of Alexis Champagne reflects the deep character of the terroir.

What makes Alexis Champagne so special are its four core qualities: complexity, consistency, depth and harmony. With the main grape variety Meunier from Troissy and the noble Pinot Noir from Aÿ, this champagne offers a taste experience that is both traditional and innovative.

In a world where champagne is often synonymous with luxury and elegance, Champagne Alexis is setting new standards. For wine lovers and connoisseurs, the Champagne Alexis winery promises to be one of the most promising new discoveries in the region.