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Olivier Horiot

olivier horiot winemaker in champagne

Olivier Horiot - the sympathetic winemaker

Champagne avant-garde

As inconspicuous as the person behind these sparkling wines as well as his labels may seem, Olivier Horiot should not be underestimated. He should urgently be counted among the avant-garde of Champagne. As a member of the association Terres et Vins it stands for the awakening of this traditional region. Since a few years ago, above all the young generation has taken up the cause of producing wines with a strong character, whereas the generation before mostly acted as grape farmers and thus as suppliers of the big wineries. Olivier Horiot has been on this path since the 2000 vintage.

Great sites as a pledge

The basis for his work is, of course, the vineyard. Thus, after a few years, he came to the realization and converted the farm to biodynamic cultivation. The diversity and characteristics of his vineyards are thus intensified.