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Out of monoculture and into mixed farming.

At the Meinklang winery, a sustainable and holistic approach is taken. Grain, fruit, livestock and wine are equally important in the multi-generational farm. The individual divisions intertwine and create synergies. It's a veritable rollercoaster of give and take. The dung from the four-legged friends serves primarily as fertiliser for the farm. Conversely, the animals are fed with the farm's own produce. Biodynamics is a matter of the heart for the Michlits family and working for and with each other is a matter of course.

Meinklang's Michlits family does not talk about vineyards but about vineyards. Their vineyards enjoy biodiversity. Wild herbs, grasses, fruits, vegetables, beneficial insects as well as pests live together and are in close proximity. The vines also benefit from this competition and its influences.

A speciality are their wines called Graupert. Vineyards with the varieties Pinot Gris and Zweigelt that are left completely to their own devices. The vine as a tendril plant regulates itself completely. The vine is not pruned. So a natural wine in the truest sense of the word.

Border crossers for everyday life

Burgenland stretches along Lake Neusiedl and borders on neighbouring Hungary. On the Hungarian side, they grow Hárslevalü and Juhfark in Somló. On the Austrian side, they grow classic varieties such as Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Gris, Blaufränkisch and Sankt Laurent.

The Meinklang winery shows with the Burgenlandwhite and Burgenlandred two wines that perfectly master the challenges of everyday life. These wines work always and for everyone. Wonderfully uncomplicated, but with excitement and drinking flow. Highly recommended is also their Urkorn beer made from the varieties einkorn, spelt and emmer. Very complex and varied.

Text and wine expertise: © Marian Henß.