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Chiara Boschis - E.Pira & Figli

Chiara Boschis

Chiara Boschis - the sympathetic winemaker from Barolo

The Piedmont has been experiencing a real boom since the 1980s around the magical places of Barolo and Barbaresco. The region in the north of Italy stands for a complex site structure, which strongly resembles Burgundy. A grape variety, the Nebbiolodominates the wines of the numerous single vineyards in the area around Barolo and Barbaresco. And these treasures can only be brought to light through hard work in the vineyards.

Chiara Boschis took over the traditional winery at a young age. Early on, she decided to turn away from the tannin-laden style of old Baroli. Shorter maceration periods and the maturation in small wooden barrels were the first adjustments she made. Her wines are accessible much earlier without losing their longevity. They radiate Complexity and profundity off.

In the Male domain Barolo Chiara Boschis clearly stands out. She established herself as the Grande Dame of Piedmont. Chiara is a doer and does not put on airs. The intelligent and savvy young winemaker knew how to think analytically about wine early on and learned quickly in the process.

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cantina vecchia chiara boschis

The old wine cellar of the Chiara Boschis winery

Three grape varieties

Today she runs the winery together with her brother Giorgio. The common goal is to give as much attention as possible to the vineyards. The work in the cellar is secondary and should rather be seen as an accompaniment to the wines. Giorgio and Chiara strive for the three typical grape varieties of the region: Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo. From Dolcetto they produce an uncomplicated, fruity red wine with guaranteed drinking pleasure. Your Barbera d'Alba Superiore stands for power and freshness, free from the yoke of tannin. A juicy-opulent wine to braised or grilled dishes.

Three layers

With their three sites in the Barolo area, they offer Nebbiolo a diverse stage. Nebbiolo thrives in the top sites to one of the most spectacular wines of our world. Power, elegance and spice are in perfect proportion here. The Barolo Via Nuova is an accessible, open representative of the otherwise often meager Barolo guild. Barolo Mosconi plays the elegant, delicate score with pithy tannin. Barolo Cannubi is considered one of the absolute top vineyards for this grape variety. The prices for land and vines have been increasing for years without interruption. The Cannubi is a wine monument: powerful, timeless and never-ending.

Written by Marian Henß
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