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Alta Alella

Barcelona! The vibrant metropolis on the Mediterranean is synonymous with a delightfully Mediterranean lifestyle. Great produce from the sea and surrounding fields, creative chefs and a bustling wine scene define the culinary horizon of the Catalan capital. It borders with its foothills on the Alella appellationwhich is only ordered by one company: Alta Alella.
Sparkling wines are the heart of the drinking culture here and an important factor at Alta Alella. In Spain, sparkling wines are called Cava. All qualities are produced by this winery as Brut Nature filled, i.e. completely without adding additional sugar in the dosage. Dry, filigree and characterful Cava are the result.

Family, origin

The founders Josep-Maria and Cristina Pujol-Busquets Guilléns gained experience in the major regions of Spain - Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Priorat - as well as in France. The two daughters grew up on wineries and between vines, barrels and tanks. Wine is their DNA. Today, the two run the business and have great respect for nature and their surroundings. The focus on organic viticulture and the best possible grapes are a matter of course for the duo.

The vineyards of Alta Alella

The vineyards and terraces open up to the Mediterranean Sea, sometimes at a steep gradient. This influence is directly perceptible. The granite-based barren soil is a unique selling point and the family wants to represent this in the wines as well.

Alta Alella Familia

More about Alta Alella

They value the expressiveness of their wines and vineyards, so that many grape varieties are harvested and vinified in small batches. The aim in each vintage is to tease out an independent and typical wine from the sites.


Occasionally, one also dedicates oneself to the development of light, clear white wines from the autochthonous grape variety Xarel-lowhich one looks for in vain outside Catalonia. The experienced, young team in the cellar and vineyard strives for innovation and experiments diligently with wine styles and new or old methods. Increasingly, they are focusing on Natural wines in white and red. The trends of the scene are closely observed and implemented here with understanding for the zeitgeist. Exciting things can be expected here in the coming years.

The Mirgin Brut Nature is a great Cava. White as well as rosé, it knows how to convince connoisseurs and beginners. The Puput, a unsulphured sweet wine from Monastrell, is a great speciality for chocolate dessert or blue cheese. It is clear that the sales market is mainly in Barcelona. But also beyond the borders, these great wines enjoy more and more popularity.