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Jean Servagnat

Jean Servagnat from Champagne is a true micro-winemaker. The almost 6000 bottles of annual production are sold out in no time.

Before returning to his parents' vineyard in Coulommes la Montage, the economics graduate worked for a long time in the French capital and in London. But his longing for his homeland and viticulture was greater and so he began studying oenology in Avize in the Champagne region. The school is also relatively well-known in France because the country's most important wine guide, the Guide Hachette, conducts its annual champagne tastings here - blind.

In 2015, the time had come and Jean Servagnat was finally able to bottle his first own champagnes. In the Petite Montagne, a relatively cool sub-region with a lot of rainfall in the Champagne region between Reims and Epernay, he farms only 3.5 hectares biodynamically. The microclimate here is perfect for Pinot Meunier - the often overlooked and above all underestimated third main variety for Champagne.

Accordingly, Meunier is also Servagnat's main variety - along with some Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The hand-picked grapes ferment spontaneously and are aged in wood and steel; the champagnes are bottled without filtration.

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Jean's Champagne

Les Galipes des Coulommes
(68% PM, 22% CH, 10% PN), AOC Premier Cru, Extra Brut, 3,5g/l sugar from reserve wines, 25 year old vines, limestone soils at 150m altitude.

Les Meuniers Insoumis (= the rebellious Meuniers)
(100% PM) AOC Premier Cru, Extra Brut, 3.5g/l sugar from reserve wines, 30 year old vines, limestone soils at 150m altitude.

Vendange Solaire
(Chardonnay 44%, Pinot Noir 33%, Meunier 23%), AOC Premier Cru, Extra Brut, 2,3 g/l sugar