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Rémi Jobard

A fresh wind is blowing in Meursault. A village that deals almost predominantly with Chardonnay and thus white wine. In retrospect, the experts do not understand why a Grand Cru site was never proclaimed here. Rémi Jobard, among others, is responsible for this breath of fresh air. Instead of small barrique barrels and lots of roasted aromas through intensive toasting, he relies on Stockinger barrels with a capacity of 600 litres. This gives his wines a restrained framework of melting, tannin and only delicate roasted aromas. He allows them to rest for between 15 and 18 months. Above all, the Chardonnays from the various sites can sing their song. The wines literally shine, showing themselves cool and light-fruited with a clashing minerality. Rémi Jobard believes that quality comes from the important work in the vineyard. His actions in the cellar should then only underline this quality. This is contemporary yet timeless white Burgundy. Great, elegant wines that you should definitely have tasted. In large sips.
Remi Jobard in his cellar in Meursault

As a side note, it's positive to note that Rémi Jobard also tastes for his customers in the cellar at Zalto glasses sets.

Meursault stands for a calcareous soil. The slope is gentle and slowly ascending. Nevertheless, the angle of light exposure and thus the degree of ripeness changes. The soil layer and thus the nutrient supply to the vine also varies considerably as a result. The result is that Jobard's wines are also fundamentally different, and although they always bear his signature, they differ in terms of concentration, fruit, length and mouthfeel. And that is precisely what makes it so exciting. Small adjustments make big differences. This becomes particularly clear in comparative samples.
Text and wine expertise: Marian Henß.