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Louise Brison

The family-run Champagne house Louise Brison, located on the dynamic Côte des Bar in the south of Champagne, stands for quality and innovation. The vineyards, characterised by Kimmeridge limestone and closer to Chablis than to Épernay and Reims, bear witness to the organic and biodynamic approach followed by the house.

The estate, founded by Louise Brison in 1910, has a rich history. Her daughter Antoinette and her husband Germain Brulez took over in the 1950s and expanded the estate. Francis Brulez, their son, brought a breath of fresh air to the estate after spending time abroad, replanted many parcels and laid the foundation for today's style. He made the champagnes internationally famous and created an impressive treasure trove of matured vintages. In 2006, his daughter Delphine took over and led the winery towards organic cultivation with biodynamic elements.

The vineyards around Noé-les-Mallets are 30% Chardonnay and 70% Pinot Noir. The soils are reminiscent of Chablis, characterised by layers of marl and limestone from the Kimmeridgian. Particularly characteristic is the fossil Exogyra virgula, which influences the taste of the wine. The clay in the soils serves as a water reservoir, especially important in hot summers.

Delphine Brulez attaches great importance to the care of the vineyards. She has trained in the Simonit & Sirch method of gentle pruning and implements it with her team. One third of the work in the vineyard is dedicated to pruning. The soil is worked mechanically and enriched with organic matter. Through Delphine's biological approach, the proportion of the beneficial fungal network mycorrhiza has increased from 18% to 70%.

The grapes are harvested and vinified separately. Upon arrival, they are processed in special presses that accurately measure the pressure to avoid undesirable flavours. Delphine carries out four pressings to achieve a finer separation of the musts. Fermentation takes place in barriques.

A characteristic of the house is the long yeast storage of the wines. All are vintage champagnes that have been aged for at least five years. The dosage varies according to the character of the vintage. The champagnes are characterised by freshness, clarity and pressure, with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay standing out in particular.

In summary, the Champagne House Louise Brison is a pioneer in quality and biodynamic work. With a deep understanding of the terroir of the Côte des Bar and great commitment, it produces outstanding champagnes. It is a winery that will certainly continue to be in the spotlight.