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Maustal Riesling Großes Gewächs 2021


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Maustal Riesling Großes Gewächs 2021


  • 🎨 Colour: Light straw yellow
  • 👃 Flavouring: Ash, tobacco, minerals, petrichor, herbs, creaminess, citrus, nuts, mustard seed, grapefruit peel; develops into stone fruit flavours
  • 👅 Flavour: Taut, cool, acidity, mineral, dry, grippy, salty, citrusy, fine creaminess, floral
  • 🎭 Character: Strict notes are replaced by charming juiciness; Großes Gewächs
  • 🍽️ Food recommendations: Turbot with jasmine rice and saffron sauce, home-marinated salmon with cauliflower and horseradish puree, ravioli with ricotta and pine nuts, Amalfi lemons
  • ✨ Special features: Manual labour in all phases, extended maceration time, spontaneous fermentation, maturation in Spessart oak
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Wine information
This excellent Riesling comes from the wine-growing area of Maustal, a four-hectare south and south-east facing vineyard south of Sulzfeld am Main. The soil is marked by the barren steep slope of the upper Muschelkalk and is home to vines that are between 36 and 42 years old. At Weingut Zehnthof Luckert, meticulous attention is paid to manual work, from picking and destemming the grapes to an extended maceration period and spontaneous fermentation. The wines are then traditionally matured in double-piece barrels made of Spessart oak.

Colour scheme
The bouquet of the Riesling presents itself in a light straw yellow.

The Riesling from Maustal initially unfolds austere accents of ash, tobacco, minerals, petrichor and herbs, complemented by a light aroma of creaminess and citrus. Added are nuances of nuts and a hint of mustard seed and grapefruit peel. With increasing air and warmth, these austere notes give way to juicy stone fruit flavours.

On the palate, the Riesling impresses with its taut, cool presence, which is underlined by a play of acidity and minerality. The wine literally nestles on the palate, leaving a dry, grippy, salty and citrus-influenced taste. Despite this austerity, the Großes Gewächs seems surprisingly charming, perhaps due to its fine creaminess and floral notes.

Alternative food recommendations
Enhance your culinary experience with such delicacies as turbot served with jasmine rice and a saffron and kumquat sauce. Equally fitting would be house-pickled salmon flanked by a cauliflower and horseradish puree. Or try ravioli filled with ricotta and pine nuts, enhanced by the freshness of Amalfi lemons.


Contains sulfur


Luckert - Zehnthof









Alcohol content

Residual sweetness



6,7 g/l

Drinking temperature



Winery Zehnthof, Kettengasse 3-5, 97320 Sulzfeld / Germany, organic certificate: DE-ÖKO-039