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Luckert - Zehnthof

Luckert Zehnthof is a pure family business, consisting of Ulrich, Wolfgang and his son Philip Luckert. All three have enjoyed a sound winemaker training with well-known estate greats of the region. Ulrich learned at the Fürstlich Castell'schen Domänenamt, Wolfgang at the Würzburger Bürgerspital, Philip at Paul Fürst in Bürgstadt.

The village Sulzfeld, where the 17 hectares of vineyards of the winery are located, is famous for its Silvaner. Thus, Luckert's oldest vineyard is planted with Silvaner vines from 1870!

The vineyards of Luckert Zehnthof

As with many ecologically oriented wineries, the clear focus at Zehnthof is on the vineyards. For many years, the vines have been trained in the cordon system in order to vigorously reduce yields. To further harmonize the growth, the family allows natural vegetation to grow between the vines. The winery has been certified organic since 2009, all vineyards are cultivated organically.

The wines of the Luckerts

The wines clearly show where they come from: the Franconian shell limestone. A barren soil that does not forgive any mistakes and makes the wines complex and racy.

The grapes come from vines that have not been treated with the supposed blessings of the industry. The wines are structured by fermentation with the vineyard's own yeasts, a suitable maceration period and ageing in wooden barrels.

We can best describe the wines as "Franconian dry", which means: completely fermented and without any tangible residual sugar. Instead, you get a materiality and mineral spiciness without primary fruit flavors from. These are concentrated wines from old vines, which were not made to be enjoyed between door and door. Wines that can also polarize. Slowly fermented, carefully vinified and not bottled too early. The white wines at Luckerts Zehnthof have always been matured mainly in large traditional double barrels made of Spessart oak.

This is their own tradition, never influenced by fashions. The zeitgeist of fashions is not important here, only genuine, ancient craft! The reds are created in classic mash fermentation in open vats. This gives them an intense colour and a good portion of ripe tannins. A great structure characterizes these red wines from a cool climate.

You should decant young wines or open them early. The Luckerts would prefer it even more if you gave them enough time to mature. Wines from Zehnthof Luckert are everything but fast.