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Peter Jakob Kühn

Quite rightly, the Kühn family describes the term Terroir as an interplay of geology, climate and people. Only with the help of human intervention and the cultivation of the vines can the wine express its origin. The soil type, the climate of a vintage and the exposure of the site are strong factors, but the winemaker must also allow for them.

Although Peter Jakob Kühn comes from a traditional Rheingau winery family, he has always been considered an innovator and lateral thinker. Early on, in the midst of a very conservative region, he recognised the potential of organic viticulture and the Biodynamics in the sense of the idea of origin. He developed processes in a holistic context - in the vineyard and cellar.

The vineyards have expressed their gratitude to him and to us in the form of great wines. The style of the winery is clear. The Rieslings are expressive without being loud. Dense in structure and aroma with perfect inner balance. The family shows the Rheingau from its best side. Riesling, as it could hardly present itself and its region better. The Kühns are masters of Riesling from dry to noble sweet, yet they maintain their sensory line. This is often difficult to achieve, especially with sweeter styles.

The philosophy of Peter Jakob Kühn

Since the arrival of the son Peter Bernhard, you can still feel the "little bit more". Father and son seem to complement each other perfectly. Peter Bernhard has more impressions of biodynamics in Alsace at Zind-Humbrecht and in Burgundy. Olivier Humbrecht is considered a gifted winemaker and has left his mark on the young Rheingau WInzer.

Especially in the entry-level segment, they set new standards with the Jacobus, Rhine slate and quartzite the bar is set very high. The first sites play up this finesse-rich, cool, mineral style even further. The Kühns' wines do not live from intense fruit, but rather from delicate, yellow-fruity notes with ethereal hints. The Great Growths are perfect contemporary witnesses of their situations. Whether Doosberg or St. Nicholas - Great Riesling moments can be experienced here.

In the residual and noble sweet Prädikat wines, depending on the vintage, the winery plays the entire repertoire from Kabinett, Spätlese, Auslese to Trockenbeerenauslese. The dry and noble sweet growths have something in common. They are lively, radiate their energy outwards and are all literally under tension. Nature increasingly rewards the Kühn family's efforts year after year.

Text and wine expertise: Marian Henß.