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Kühling-Gillot & Battenfeld-Spanier

Kühling-Gillot and Battenfeld-Spanier simply have to be mentioned in the same breath. The energetic couple of the German wine scene run these two VDP estates as one. Carolin comes from the Kühling-Gillot winery on the Rote Hang. Hans-Oliver Spanier, better known as H.O., took over his parents' Battenfeld-Spanier winery in the Wonnegau. She stands for communication, modern marketing and as a charming hostess of a whole series of events. H.O. stands for perfection in growing and ageing, innovative thinking and constant comparison with the best in the wine world. His wines can definitely compete with the absolute top of German winemakers. The dream team pursues a clear vision and lays correspondingly sound foundations for the future.

kuehling and battelfeld the dream duo of german riesling

More about Spanier-Gillot

More about Kühling-Gillot & Battenfeld-Spanier

The special thing about this constellation is the different terroir as well as the cooperation. While Kühling-Gillot can make use of the soil resources of the Rote Hang on the Rhine front, Battenfeld-Spanier relies primarily on limestone sites. Carolin's winery has almost all the great sites of this special place. Hipping, Pettenthal, Ölberg and Rothenberg. The Riesling from the Rothenberg can even fall back on one of the few vines that still has its roots. This original DNA and the high vine age ensure maximum expression of the weathered Rotliegenden, which Riesling conveys wonderfully. An incredibly complex, multi-layered and profound Riesling is an everlasting result. Every ambitious wine drinker should have tried this once.

At home in Rheinhessen

In Rheinhessen in general, but at Kühling-Gillot in particular, there are real gems to be found for the smaller purse. The level of the local wines here is on a level all of its own. In many German wine-growing regions, this is already Großes Gewächs level. The different terroirs can be clearly and distinctly tasted. Nierstein, next to Nackenheim and Oppenheim, is a course worth seeing in a glass. It is best to embark on this journey together with a few friends. Everyone will quickly taste their favourite.

Building visions together.

The togetherness is enormously important for the two. The merger of the two wineries in the public perception is only one step. Much more, it unites two special terroirs in Rheinhessen. Limestone and slate. Soil, vine, nature and culture. The grape varieties in the portfolio are enormously similar. Biodynamics in the holistic approach has additionally helped the two to intensify this marriage with the environment.

A long-cherished plan was their ripening cellar. Under ideal ripening conditions, they are now stored in the most diverse quality levels. After a few years, the wines with the banderole "late release" then reappear on the market. The minimal premium over the current vintage is more than justified. This is how the wines find their way to us on the dot.