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The Christmann Winery is not to be thought away from the top group of German winemakers. Steffen Christmann he can count himself blessed, with his Daughter Sophie to have such a talented and experienced winemaker at his side as his successor. Also exciting is the exchange with the Grandfather Fritzwho is still active at the age of 90. The seventh, eighth and ninth generations of winemakers are united by the pursuit of the highest quality and perfection.

steffen christmann oskar micheletti

Steffen Christmann with cellar master Oskar Micheletti

Manual labor wherever possible, all Work steps in the rhythm of the lunar calendar and the application of biodynamic preparations are the core of their philosophy. The Christmanns are aware that they can no longer influence the quality of the wines in the cellar. In the cellar, the work of the whole year is merely conserved.

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The Christmanns have always seen themselves as contemporary witnesses who, to the best of their knowledge, seek to pass the business on to the next generation. The Biodynamics and the resulting intact ecosystem are the means of the current generation. With Riesling and the Burgundy vines, they feel perfectly positioned to fill their home, the Mittelhaardt in the Palatinate, with tasteful experiences. The wines bear a clear signature of their origin with all diversity.


The Riesling is the dominant grape variety and the ideal partner to transport the different soil conditions with their respective microclimates. The wines are bursting with Energy, fruit and pressure. In the local wine category, one experiences a strong piece of our paraderebsorten in all facets.

The Königsbach Idig Riesling Großes Gewächs from the Christmann winery is one of the icons of German viticulture - especially of the Großes Gewächs category. A style-defining wine that enjoys high recognition far beyond Germany's borders and has played a major role in the success story of German wines over the past twenty years.

It will be extremely exciting to see what will come out of the promising sparkling wine project with Matthieu Kauffmann in the coming years.

steffen and sophie christmann oskar micheletti

Steffen and Sophie Christmann with cellar master Oskar Micheletti

Written by Marian Henß