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Closerie Saint Roc

In the rolling hills of the Libournais lies La Closerie Saint Roc, a vineyard that captures the essence of its 400-year history in every drop. Here, on 16 hectares of diverse soils, the Amoreau family has been tending their vines for generations with a dedication that is deeply rooted in tradition yet remains open to contemporary, biodynamic approaches.
Under the direction of Pascal Amoreau, the wines of La Closerie Saint Roc reflect the unmistakable signature of the terroir. The vines, which are on average 35 years old, thrive in an ecosystem characterised by minimal intervention and natural cellar management. The result is wines of remarkable finesse and complexity.
The 2016 and 2018 vintages as well as the parcel wines "Les Noyers", "Les Pins" and "Les Sureaux" are testament to the passion and expertise of the Amoreaus. Every sip reveals the rich history of the Libournais and the winery's unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.
La Closerie Saint Roc invites you to discover the fruits of a land that has been moulded by centuries of care and dedication. Here, tradition and innovation merge to create wines that carry the soul of the terroir.