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Closerie Saint Roc

Welcome to La Closerie Saint Roc, a jewel among wine estates, deeply rooted in the rich history and exceptional terroir of the Libournais. For over 400 years, the Amoreau family has cultivated the art of winemaking, and La Closerie Saint Roc stands as a testament to their dedication to tradition and innovation in harmony with nature.

The La Closerie Saint Roc vineyard extends over 16 hectares in a picturesque landscape characterised by a variety of soils, ranging from clay and limestone layers to sandy loam. Vines that are on average 35 years old thrive here and are rooted in a unique ecosystem that is nourished by biodynamic practices.

Under the direction of Pascal Amoreau, the winery has adopted a philosophy of viticulture that combines the teachings and techniques of past generations with contemporary, sustainable approaches. The wines are the result of a deep respect for the land and its history - a spectrum of flavours brought forth through minimal intervention and natural processing in the cellar.

La Closerie Saint Roc offers an exquisite selection of wines, including the remarkable 2016 and 2018 vintages and the characterful parcel wines "Les Noyers", "Les Pins" and "Les Sureaux". Each bottle tells a story of the Amoreaus' passion, the rich heritage of the Libournais and their unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.

Discover the wines of La Closerie Saint Roc and experience the expression of a land that has been shaped by centuries of care and dedication.