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Château de Béru

Chateau de Beru Athenais

Athenaïs de Béru

Outside the classic vineyards of Chablis, Château de Béru is located in the east of the region. After the phylloxera crisis at the end of the 19th century, the de Béru family initially abandoned viticulture. It was not until the end of the 1980s that the vineyards were replanted and recultivated. The love of wine motivated Èric and his wife Laurence to this feat. Since 2004, the Daughter Athénais and has given the winery an increasing reputation and a significant increase in quality.

Towards biodynamics

This increase in quality can also be explained by the methods used. Athénais first relied on organic and later on Demeter-certified methods. Cultivation according to biodynamic guidelines converted. The family retroactively takes this step for granted. Athénais and her team appreciate the privilege to work with Chardonnay in a world-class terroir like Chablis. Her incentive is to translate this terroir into a language called wine and to transport the origin to us via the wine in bottles.

More about Château de Béru

It helps to work the vineyards as gently as possible and to promote and keep intact the biodiversity with all its beneficial insects. Instead of tractors, horses are used in the vineyards. The soils are loosened instead of being compacted. The basis is always Chardonnay, one of the noblest grape varieties on earth.

The layers

Only three of the well-known Premier Cru vineyards are cultivated. For this there are the Monopoly site Clos Béru directly at the chateau. Clos Béru is 300 meters above sea level and stands on the typical Kimmeridge limestone, which makes the Chablis area so unique and clearly distinguishes it from the rest of Burgundy. The site covers 5 hectares and is enclosed by an old wall dating back to the 13th century. It forms the heart of the Domaine, but is complemented by surrounding sites of great quality.

In addition to the classic ageing in small wooden barrels, there is an increasing focus on natural ageing. Thus, also mash-fermented or unsulphured wines their way into the assortment. The result are wines that are characterized by lime, mineral-cool but also powerful with a unique selling proposition. And it is precisely these experiences and insights that give the wines their own signature and - even more so - their own character. Uniqueness in the microcosm of Burgundy.