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Antoine and Olivier Chastel, along with his wife Lucrèce, now run Domaine Romanesca. After taking over the winery in 2018, the trio immediately switched to organic viticulture.

The majority of the only seven hectares is located in and around Moulin-á-Vent. In addition, one hectare each in the villages Fleurie, Morgon and Juliénas. They thus bring together the "créme de la créme" of the Beaujolais appellations. Their conversion to parcel-by-parcel vinification and thus the clear highlighting of individual sites and microclimates is certainly their greatest achievement to date.

The granite and slate soils of the region are the basis for wines full of finesse, minerality and character.

Moulin-á-Vent La Rochelle is deeply impressive. Pure fruit that seems to adhere endlessly to the palate and a cool stoniness speak for themselves. This wine, as well as the style of Romaneca, is absolutely in keeping with the spirit of the times. Because - the tendency is clearly towards light red wines that put freshness before power and fruit seems more important than concentration. It is highly recommended to enjoy these wines a few degrees cooler than one usually thinks. 12-14°C are perfect.

The Beaujolais awakens

The attention of the global wine world is focused on Burgundy. The regions to the south, such as the Mâconnais for Chardonnay and the Beaujolais for Gamay, are jumping on this bandwagon - especially in terms of quality. Far from the primarily fruity bottlings, Gamay can also convey great terroir.

romanesca team in their wine cellar
Maturity potential and a sensory approach to Pinot Noir Depths At Romanesca, the wines are vinified in the traditional way - i.e. according to the method Macération semi-carbonique.

The result is astonishingly lively, catchy and incredibly easy to drink.