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Château de Pibarnon

The appellation in which the Château de Pibarnon is called Bandol, and it is especially known for a grape variety that winemakers say likes to have its feet in the water, its face in the sun and its hair in the wind. All this finds the Mourvèdre in Bandol, and accordingly, the vineyards belong to those corners of the world where top wines capable of aging are produced from Mourvèdre. This is especially true when these conditions are met at the organic or even biodynamic viticulture and to winemakers as precise and capable as Eric de Saint Victor and his assistant Marie Laroze. This is how the vineyard and cellars of Château de Pibarnon produce some of the top wines of this incredibly beautifully located appellation.

More about Château de Pibarnon

The château, which Comte Henri de Saint Victor acquired in 1977, is perched on the highest and northernmost part of the appellation. From there, one not only overlooks the amphitheatre of vines, but also looks as far as the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.

The soil of Château de Pibarnon is unique and different from that of its neighbours further down the slope. Due to a geological peculiarity, the soils of Pibarnon contain large amounts of blue marl and limestone, reminiscent of Jurassic soils. In addition, there is much older fossil material.
The terraces are dominated by Mourvèdre, which is used for the red wines as well as for the rosés. Bandol was one of the first appellations in France where rosé was vin de garde, i.e. a wine that should mature in the cellar on an equal footing with red wine.

Text and wine expertise: Christoph Raffelt