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Domaine Vacheron

Certified as a biodynamic winery for ten years, the Domaine Vacheron certainly one of the highlights in Sancerrois. Under the direction of Jean-Dominique and his cousin Jean-Laurent, the family domain produces a range of different single-vineyard Sancerres in white, red and roseé.

These wines not only reflect the rich diversity of terroirs in the region. Besides, they also seem to indicate the idea of the two cousins that the Sancerreois is not less fascinating than the Côte d'Or. Indeed, the rich and powerful whites (38 of the 50 hectares are planted with sauvignon blanc planted) are among the best Sancerres you can find. Especially if you have the patience to give the crus the time they need to develop.

However, the most impressive wine that Vacheron makes is a Vin de France that is L'Enclos des Remparts.
True to Root ("francs de pied") on Silex floors planted in 2008 in the heart of the Clos de Mur, hand-picked on 10 October, pressed, fermented without the addition of cultured yeasts (and without malolactic fermentation) and aged for one year in five-year-old barriques. This wine combines complexity with finesse and elegance; it always seems weightless despite its concentration and long, persistent finish.