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Tokaj or Tokay refers to wines from the Tokaji wine-growing region in Hungary and the neighbouring region of the same name in Slovakia. This region is particularly famous for its noble sweet wines, which are produced by the action of the noble mould Botrytis cinerea. The wine category "Nectar" is even mentioned in the Hungarian national anthem.

As one of the few shops on the German market, we offer you natural wines and organic wines from the Hungarian region of Tokaj. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy wine rarities like in the times of the emperor. And all this without a bad conscience, because at Lebendige Weine you get only organic wines.

Classically, the noble sweet wines from the Tokaj region are divided into the following categories: Tokaji Aszú (Tokaj Outbreak), Tokaji Aszúeszencia (Tokaj Outbreak Essence), Tokaji Eszencia (Tokaj Essence), Tokaji Forditás and Máslás, Tokaji Szamorodni (Samorodner).

In addition, the Tokay region produces dry wines from the indigenous grape varieties Furmint, Hárslevelű (lime-leaved), Muscat (yellow muscatel)