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Aphros Wine

Aphros Wine (Vinho Verde, Portugal) is a project of Vasco Croft. Born in Lisbon, the metaphysician thought of becoming an astrologer as a teenager, then decided to become an architect. In his twenties he discovered Steiner's philosophy and studied education and sculpture in England, where he also discovered an interest in woodworking and furniture design.

On his return to Portugal he directed for many years the Waldorf movement along with his own furniture design company. In his thirties, he had a life-changing encounter with a Buddhist monk where a bottle of wine was shared. This event, which Vasco describes as a personal meeting with Dionysus In 2003, he decided to start a wine project in Casal do Paço, a semi-abandoned estate that has been in his family since the 17th century.

A confessed biodynamicist and Dionysian, Vasco is suspected of being a veiled faun living a delightfully decadent life in the winery surrounded by beautiful nymphs.