Chambertin Grand Cru 2018


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- The oldest part of the three Chambertin Grand Cru parcels that the Trapets own was planted in 1919. The Chambertin already appears on the nose - and this is later confirmed on the palate - like the quintessence of Latricières and Chapelle, whereby the whole is more than the sum of the undoubtedly already great parts.

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Tasting note from dated 12.08.2020, Copyright Christoph Raffelt

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The oldest part of the three Chambertin Grand Cru parcels owned by the Trapets was planted in 1919. The plots have a complex geological composition. The lower part consists of calcareous marl with a lot of clay in the topsoil. The upper part is much whiter, meaning more chalky and even more marly, which causes the vegetative cycle to slow down. In total, the family owns 1.9 hectares there.
For Jean Louis Trapet, the vintage is one of the best in the history of the domaine. This assessment is supported by the fact that the 2018 Chambertin Grand Cru with the highest score of any wine from Neal Martin's 2018 tasting for Vinous emerged. The year began with an early strong budbreak, which was put into perspective a little later by the fact that a wet May brought mildew and naturally limited the amount. After that it became hot and dry, but the heavy spring rains had filled up the water reservoirs of the vineyards. Some rain was added in July and it remained warm, even hot and dry in parts, until the harvest on 4 September. The harvest took place under ideal conditions until 12 September. The only challenge was to be quick, because within five days the sugar content of the berries increased by 25 grams. Since the berries were thick-skinned, the seeds were ripe and the raisins were well woody, Jean Louis decided on a complete whole cluster fermentation. The raisins brought more structure and some coolness to the wine, and the slow release of the sugar provided finesse. At Chambertin Grand Cru about 50 % of new wood was used. As Jean Louis Trapet puts it. "What delicious fruit in the Chapelle! What a complexity in the Latricières! What power in the Chambertin!"


dark cherry-red


Greatness is easy to recognize in this wine. And in contrast to the inflation of high-scoring wines that come across in the course of the year, true greatness is rather rare. Here it is brought to the point. The 2018 Chambertin is coherent and stunningly precisely defined with a seamless transition from fine red and dark fruit to even finer notes of Indian spice, best wood and cool stoniness. The Chambertin already appears in the fragrance - and later this is confirmed on the palate - like the quintessence of Latricières and Chapellewhereby the whole is then again more than the sum of the undoubtedly already great parts. Here cool precision meets voluptuous opulence. Here, ripe dark fruits combine with acidic cherries and barberries on a bed of dark chocolate and with a top note of rose petals.


On the palate, this impression continues seamlessly. The 2018 Chambertin offers an incredible amount without being too much. This splendid abundance is called in France the PlénitudeIt contributes to the perfection of this wine, which offers incredible finesse and clarity in the fruit, which is ripened to the point and infused with clear acidity. All of this comes across as wonderfully effortless and, for all its power and depth, downright playful. It hardly needs emphasizing that the tannin is silky and powdery, and the wine handles the 50 % of new wood as easily as the 100 % whole cluster fermentation. The wine is full and lining, trickling down the palate in waves where it seems to linger for minutes before slowly departing. That Neal Martin gives this wine the highest score in his Burgundy vintage report after visiting more than 100 wineries is perfectly understandable after drinking it. Good for the one who has the chance to accompany this wine in the course of its development. 

Food recommendations by Christoph Raffelt

  • Pigeon with cherries and forest pepper on sautéed chard
  • Wagyu MS9+ with sautéed chanterelles, truffled mashed potatoes and veal jus
  • Fondue bourguignonne


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13% Vol.

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5,5 g/l

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Domaine Trapet, 53 route de Beaune, 21220 Gevrey-Chambertin / France, Organic certificate: FR-BIO-01