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Economist Rebholz

Rebholz wines are straightforward, purist and bone dry. White wines usually come from the steel tank to promote this cool, clear style. At the beginning of their life, the wines show themselves restrained and almost meagre in their fruit expression. They need time to develop their full potential. The patient, however, are rewarded with wines of increasing complexity that are second to none. The Rieslings and Pinot Blancs in particular come into their own here. Top sites like «Chestnut bush» or «IIn the sunshine» are among the best that these residual varieties can deliver in Germany.

Hansjörg Rebholz lives on the ideas of his grandfather. Astonishingly early and completely against the spirit of the times, he strove for natural wines, completely free of added sugar, and paid attention to organic viticulture. The title of "Ökonomierat" awarded to him still adorns the name of the winery today. These ideas are further developed and continued in their consistency. The change of generations is in full swing. The two sons, Hans and Valentin Renholz, return to the winery well-trained and looking for the smallest adjustment screws that can still be adjusted for quality advantage.

Aroma varieties

For quite some time, the Rebholz family had also had a great soft spot for the aroma varieties Muscat and Gewürztraminer. Their Muskateller is a grandiose interpretation of this sometimes disdained variety. Crystal clear, precise and with a crisp acidity. A Muskateller that beguiles when young, but also really delivers when mature. The Gewürztraminer comes from the Albersweiler Latt. This vineyard is built as a pergola plantation. The old vines climb high up and provide the basis for an exciting, residually sweet variant of this grape variety.

Great wines from small barrels

The R line hides "great wines from the small wooden barrel". Chardonnay, a white cuvée from the Burgundy varieties, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir are matured in mostly new barriques. The wines live from structure, power and pressure. Especially their Chardonnay R and π No R provide great drinking experiences, high storage potential and a multi-layered mouthfeel. Wines made to accompany classic cuisine.

Text and wine expertise: Marian Henß.