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Bianco di Ampeleia IGT 2019 1500ml


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Bianco di Ampeleia IGT 2019 1500ml


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Take a look with me at a special wine - a majestic Bianco di Ampeleia, produced from Trebbiano grapes at 90%, Malvasia and Ansonica each at 5%. These vines grow at altitudes between 300 and 600 metres above sea level and are carefully harvested in the second week of September. The productivity of these soils is around 50 hl/ha.

Traditional methods are used for the ageing of this wine. A six-month fermentation in concrete tanks, accompanied by seven days of contact with the skins, culminates in a natural, unfiltered wine.

Its appearance is of a muted golden yellow, with a distinct cloudiness and fine, copper-coloured reflections.

The bouquet of this Bianco di Ampeleia is a spectacle for the senses. Sweet fruitiness of vineyard peach, orange and apricot compote meets the subtle spice of honey and ginger, the floral scent of flowers and a malty cereal note. Diving deeper, a hint of light tobacco reveals itself, adding a unique dimension to the fragrance profile.

A touch of freshness greets us on the palate, accentuated by apple and citrus notes and a fine acidity. Yet despite its lightness with only 11% alcohol by volume, this wine is powerful and profound. An almost salty nuance hovers in the finish, making it a real treat for the senses. To accompany it on the culinary front, go for dishes with a strong note of their own, prepared as unadulterated as possible.

The wine develops its aroma best when decanted and served from a large glass, but not too cold.

For alternative food suggestions, try green risotto with prawns or a combination of spinach and rocket salad with pine nuts and parmesan. Another tip would be freshly seared tuna on a bed of quinoa and grilled vegetables. Perhaps pasta with creamy mushroom sauce, pine nuts and freshly shaved Parmesan. Enjoy this amazing wine!


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Ampeleia, Loc. Meleta, I-58028 Roccatederighi, organic certificate:IT BIO 014