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For almost 20 years, the Winery Ampeleia in the Maremma. The wine luminary Elisabetta Foradori, well known from our assortment, has fulfilled a dream together with two friends in the Maremma. The Mediterranean feeling of life is to be transported here in Tuscany in liquid form. The highest standards of natural viticulture with the inclusion of biodynamic practices were inevitable for all protagonists. The landscape of the Maremma is rough and pristine. The wines of Ampelaia interpret this environment in a puristic form, honestly and with a completely unvarnished face.

In addition to the typical regional grape variety Sangiovese, one has specialized in Cabernet Franc, Mourvèdre, Grenache, Carignan and Alicante Bouschet agreed upon. Partly grape varieties that are common in Tuscany in the present. But above all, grape varieties that have proven their qualities in dealing with the Mediterranean climate elsewhere. Enormously small the vines were planted on the best possible sites for them in each case. At different altitudes, these were in parts geologically assigned and others placed completely intuitively. Elisabetta Foradori has once again brought to life a fine sense of nature, its surroundings and the essential.

In the cellar of Ampeleia

Each plot is harvested individually and processed in the cellar. There one renounces small wooden barrels during the fermentation. Concrete, steel and large wood provide the environment for the first step. Only after the first assemblage, some of the wines are put into small barriques to mature further. New wood takes an increasingly smaller share. Tranquillity and maturity are very important at Ampelaia. This fits very clearly into the image of the always prudent, thoughtful and elegant Elisabetta Foradori.

Unlitro & Co.

With their Bianco and Rosato, the roots and homeland clearly show. Wines, as if made for the rustic, Tuscan cuisine. The Unlitro is the perfect symbiosis of all these red grape varieties for everyday life. A wine for the full kitchen table with many friends. Above all, one can get to know each individual variety very well unisolo with the varietal wines. A comparison in the context of an extended wine tasting is worthwhile.

Written by Marian Henß, Copyright Living Wines