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The Winery Ampeleia, located in the Maremma and existing for almost two decades, is the result of the dream of wine luminary Elisabetta Foradori and her two close friends. Here in Tuscany, the Mediterranean attitude to life becomes fluid, with an unvarnished, honest face. The destination? To bring the rugged and authentic landscape of the Maremma to life through near-natural and biodynamic viticulture.

In addition to the regionally typical grape variety Sangiovese, Ampeleia relies on a variety of grape varieties such as Cabernet Franc and Mourvèdre. Each of these varieties, carefully selected, reflects the Mediterranean climate and the specificity of Tuscany.
More about the winery

More about Ampeleia

The process behind the scenes

At the heart of the winery, the Ampeleia cellar, each parcel is harvested and processed individually. Instead of relying on small wooden barrels, concrete, steel and large wood are the preferred materials during fermentation. Some wines are placed in small barriques after the initial blend, with new wood taking an increasingly smaller share. It is this focus on calm and maturity that is so typical of the always considered and elegant Elisabetta Foradori.

Unlitro & Co.: A taste of home

Ampeleia's Bianco and Rosato bring out the roots and homeland of the winery. Perfectly matched to the rustic, Tuscan cuisine. The Unlitro embodies the perfect harmony of all these red grape varieties for everyday life - a wine for a richly set table among friends. For the true wine lovers, Ampeleia offers the opportunity to experience each grape variety in its uniqueness. An extended wine tasting for comparison is more than recommended.