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Riesling Schlossberg Grand Cru Sélection de Grains Nobles 2007 375ml


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On the palate, it shows an intense sweetness that resembles the taste of fir honey, in combination with a vibrant acidity and stimulating citrus notes. The vineyard is steep and has a pure southern exposure.

Riesling Schlossberg Grand Cru Sélection de Grains Nobles 2007 375ml


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Visual impressions
A shimmering sunshine yellow with soft tones of amber captures the light in an impressive way.

The pleasure of wine begins with a seductive nose. It sparks a beguiling olfactory experience: crisp, candied citrus fruits permeate the airs, accompanied by sweet apricot jam, juicy pineapple compote, stimulating anise and exotic, candied ginger. A hint of wild raspberries provides an interesting twist, while subtle notes of petroleum and woodruff add to the tension.

Taste experience
On the palate, it lets loose an explosion of intense sweetness reminiscent of the full-bodied taste of mountain forest honey. This sweetness is perfectly balanced by a vibrant acidity that is ensnared by invigorating citrus notes.

Domaine Weinbach Schlossberg Grand Cru is nostalgically situated in the northern foothills of Kaysersberg, marked by the majestic granite formation of the Vosgian bedrock. The vineyards, which have their beginnings in the late Middle Ages, present themselves in rocky beauty and are intensely illuminated by the warming southern sun. They extend between 230 and 400 metres above sea level and are home to gravelly, sandy soils, rich in minerals. This unique place and its soil characteristics favour the development of wines that are both fruity and floral, full of character and a very special note of finesse. Riesling grows exclusively here and is bottled in different cuvées depending on the location and ripeness of the grapes.

Excellent food combinations
To accompany this impressive wine, you could enjoy a hazelnut terrine with pickled plums, a baked apple with cranberry and walnut notes, or a Roquefort tartlet au gratin with acacia honey and a hearty rye bread. A thoroughly remarkable wine that underlines its outstanding quality in an incomparable way.


Domaine Weinbach











Contains sulfur

Alcohol content

Residual sweetness



8,6 g/l

Drinking temperature


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Domaine Weinbach, Route du Vin 25, 68240 Kaysersberg / France