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Cà la Bionda

The Winery Cà La Bionda is located in Valgatara Marano in the province of Verona. This small village of about 3,000 inhabitants, 18 kilometres from the provincial capital, is located in one of the Italian areas best suited to the production of great red wines: Valpolicella.

The winery was born in 1902 on the initiative of Piero Castellani, who began to grow grapes and make wine on the farm. Today another Piero Castellani, namesake and great-grandson of the founder, runs the company with love, passion and success. The vineyards, which cover 29 hectares, are planted mainly on limestone and clay soils and are located between 150 and 300 metres above sea level. They face south and southeast, which favors the ripening of the grapes. The grape varieties in the vineyard are the classic Corvina, Rondinella and Corvinonefrom which the famous Amarone and Recioto wines are made.

From the Journal: The metamorphosis of the Corvina

More about Cà la Bionda

Piero does not use herbicides or chemical fertilizers in the vineyard. He has also restored all the dry stone walls to create terraces that are very favourable for good grape ripening.

The winery is made up of several floors, so that all the wine-making processes can be carried out by gravity and without pumps. No technical means of clarification, filtration or stabilization are carried out. The crucial phase of drying takes place on tables, without artificial control of humidity and temperature. Fermentation is carried out exclusively by wild yeasts. All according to the ancient traditions of the region.

Finally, the wine is aged in special oak barrels. From the vineyards of Ravazzo, perhaps the best of the farm, come Amarone "Vignetti di Ravazzol" and "Riserva di Ravazzòl"two pearls in the landscape of the wines of Valpolicella.

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