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This winery has undergone a radical and very positive transformation in all aspects of its wine philosophy, starting with the vineyards. The changes bore fruit with the exceptional 2010 vintage. Sottimano now produces terroir-focused Barbaresco wines that are both exquisite and complex.

The New Finesse

Andrea Sottimano is a passionate winemaker like almost no other. Even though in the past, his wines were too much influenced by the new wood and were partly very oppulent. The vintages starting with 2009 and 2010 surprised all the more positively. Suddenly, the wines showed character and terroir fidelity.

More about Sottimano

family sottimano in the basement
Andrea reduced the use of new barriques, removed all chemicals from the vineyard and switched to spontaneous fermentation.


Now the wines ferment spontaneously, with cellar and vineyard yeasts for about 20-25 days on the skins. They are then transferred to 228-litre Burgundian barrels (pièces), using only 15% of new wood. Andrea says the barrels not only have a light toasting, but are toasted through to the center, not just superficially.

The wines then undergo a very long malolactic fermentation (biological acid reduction) in the following spring, when the cellar warms up naturally again. The "malo" then runs partly into the autumn. This is followed by further decanting into used barrels of the same size, where the fine Nebbiolo wines mature for between twenty-four and thirty more months.

Sottimano, a learned oenologist, is a student of the classic Burgundian school and believes in the greatness of Nebbiolo.

All the changes did not come overnight. But little by little, starting with the 2004 vintage, Andrea took these important steps. The results are fascinating Barbaresco wines, with the finesse of Burgundy wines and coplexity of the best Nebbiolo specimens of the Langa.

Details of the winery

Total vineyard area: 18 ha
Barbaresco Area: 9 ha
Production: 26,800 bottles

The wines of the winery

Barbaresco Fausoni

The grapes come from Sottimano's vineyards in Neive. 35-year-old vines grow here at 220 meters (722 feet) above sea level, with southern and western exposure.

Barbaresco Cottà

Created from fifty-sixty year old vines at an altitude of 280 meters above sea level. This is a well-structured Barbaresco with power and finesse.

Barbaresco Currà

Also from Neive, where 45-year-old vines enjoy full southern exposure.

Barbaresco Pajorè

This is Sottimano's only vineyard in Treiso. The famous "cru" does not disappoint. Situated at 320 metres above sea level, fifty to sixty-year-old vines provide a special depth of flavour.

neive piemonte view sottimano