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Every tourist on the way to Lake Kaltern has seen the Manincor Winery happened for decades without suspecting the potential that lies dormant here. The talented farm manager Helmuth Zozon led a continuous and steady rise to the elite of South Tyrolean wine. Today, it is impossible to imagine the region without the winery. Classic white and red varieties as well as red wines oriented towards Burgundy or Bordeaux determine the assortment.

The wines of Manincor

South Tyrol is characterised by its own style sauvignon blanc. The Tannenberg comes across as green-fruity, but equally shows cool, stony notes. Sophie is a Chardonnay that is characterised by both Enamel as well as through Minerality can shine. And the Eichberg is a Pinot Blanc in the style of a German Grosses Gewächs: Complex, with harmonious fruit and lots of pressure.

South Tyrol and its special features

Manincor is one of those South Tyrol success stories. Recently, the region has overtaken Friuli as the most important white wine region in Italy. The owner of Manincor is Count Goess-Enzenberg, who dared to take the courageous step of no longer delivering his grapes to the cooperative. His vineyards are located around Terlan and in the area of the Lake Kaltern. In Terlan, the top vineyards are mainly Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Blanc, while around Kaltern, Pinot Noir, Vernatsch and Lagrein are cultivated. The modern winery is integrated into the hillside, uses gravity and the cool soil provides constant conditions for ageing and ripening.

The regional specialities deliver with Vernatsch and Lagrein excitingly different aromas. The Vernatsch "the wedge" provides for Fruit, freshness and lightness. A pleasantly uncomplicated wine. With the Rubatsch Lagrein a powerhouse full of fruit concentration enters the glass. The wine is round and smooth.

While the winery with the Cassiano a cuvée of red grape varieties that are rare here, which no longer needs to fear comparison with Bordeaux, Mason hides a Pinot Noir. This is about the Expression of the soil - Elegance and filigree.

Written by Marian Henß. Copyright Living Wines