Morei Cilindrica Teroldego Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT 2018 – Foradori


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Morei Cilindrica Teroldego Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT 2018 - Foradori


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Teroldego from the Morei vineyard (Trentino dialect for dark) in Campo Rotaliano near Mezzolombardo, grown on 2.5 hectares of alluvial alluvium. The Morei site is protected from cold north winds by nearby, abruptly rising rock faces. The rock stores heat during the day, which radiates to the vineyard at night. The soil here is very stony, therefore relatively warm, dense, dark, mineral, and like the wine of the same name, the Morei Teroldego, reflects him. The wine was aged for eight months on the skins in tinajas, Spanish 420-liter cellar amphorae. In the spring of 2019, the wine was drawn off into concrete tanks, where it harmonized over the summer. One third of the 2018 Morei was then filled into cilindricas. These are smaller, 330-liter cylindrical amphorae. There, the wine matured (without mash) for another year. It is, so to speak, the Riserva among the amphora wines.


Garnet red to purple


From the pair of brothers Morei and Sgarzon is the Morei always the darker and also darker fruity wine, as its name already says. In the fragrance the 2018 Morei Cilindrica crystal clear and precise with an attack of light and dark tobacco combined with elderberries, sloes and herbs. The "simple 2018 Morei seems a little more expansive and fruit-driven than the 2018 Morei Cilindrica, who has acquired, as it were, a statesmanlike stature.


On the palate the Morei's Cilindrica wonderfully juicy, even downright quaffable, even if it presents itself elegantly and finesse-rich. The fine texture fits like a tailor-made suit, the fruit oscillates in the red to dark range between both sweet and sour fruits. Together with the clear, linear acidity, a wonderful field of tension builds up here, which is accompanied by the already mentioned tobacco notes, undergrowth and herbs. One should give the wine time and air before enjoying it. But even if you don't, the wine is very tasty.

Food recommendations by Christoph Raffelt

  • Duck breast with balsamic varnish and roasted figs on truffled potato puree
  • Double cutlet with sage butter and baked potatoes
  • Caramelized carrots with star anise, pomegranate seeds and smoked labneh
    (Vegetable & Vegetarian)


Contains sulfur






Alcohol content

12.5% Vol.

Residual sweetness



5,4 g/l

Drinking temperature



Aziende Agricola Foradori, Via D. Chiesa 1, 38017 Mezzolombardo / Italy


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