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Actually, Fred Loimer should be a geologist by profession. The terroir he cultivates in the Kamptal and the Thermenregion is so diverse that one could easily lose track of it all. Let's try to get an overview. The winery is located in Langenlois, the central municipality in the growing region. From the north, the Kamp River comes from the Waldviertel and brings cool air with it, so that the night temperatures are often sensitively cool. To the south, the Kamptal opens up to the Pannonian Basin and gets the full load of sun.

Terroir from Loimer

As a result, the amplitude between day and night temperatures is higher here than anywhere else in Austria, which benefits the aroma development of the grapes. Geologically, the Kamptal is also located in an extreme transitional area. In the northern part, the Bohemian Massif dominates with gneiss, mica schist and, in the Heiligenstein, also arkoses (metamorphic sandstones) and volcanic rhyolite. Towards the Pannonian Basin, the rocks have often been covered by metres of glacial loess, and towards the Danube one finds thick gravel terraces of the Urdonau.

Fred Loimer the Jack of all trades

And as if the diversity of the Kamptal was not enough, Fred Loimer also runs a vineyard in Gumpoltskirchen in the Thermenregion, where extremely chalky soils prevail and a much more humid yet warm climate.

fred loimer from the loimer wineryFred Loimer | Photo: Loimer Winery

The man must be absolutely multitasking. The qualities he gets out of these so different origins are more than remarkable. It is a real pleasure to compare the different Grüner Veltliners with each other or to taste the three top Rieslings next to each other. In Gumpoltskirchen, the wines show how similar the Thermenregion is to Burgundy.

All wines, no matter from which terroir, are always authentic, deep and complex, never fat or loud.