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Barolo for four generations

For four generations, the Vietti family has been producing wines in Castiglione Falletto, a
small village in the middle of one of the best wine-growing zones of the Langhe - the Barolo area.
Carlo Vietti founded the company in the middle of the 19th century and his son Mario,
born in 1919, began bottling his own wines under the name Vietti. The
most of his production he sold in Italy at that time. His goal was to expand the
family-owned company, which is active in many different areas, to one of the leading
Wineries in the region.

Breakthrough with Alfredo Currado

In 1957 his daughter Luciana married Alfredo, a young oenologist with a degree in oenology.
Currado, who eventually took over the position of cellar master at Vietti in 1960.

More about Vietti

Vietti Barolo Cellar (Cantina)
Thanks to his commitment, within a few years the company developed into one of the
best wineries in Piedmont. The winery was among the first to produce their wines according to
America, Germany and Switzerland. The history of the last 40
years was marked by the decisions of Alfredo Currado and his wife
Luciana. Both of them have always sought to promote the prestige of their family business and also the image of the Barolo area.

Vietti makes Barolo from single vineyards

Alfredo was the first to process and vinify grapes from single vineyards. What
was a daring step at the time, is now a matter of course for almost all wineries, which
Barolo and Barbaresco produce. So in 1961 with the Barolo Rocche and the
Barbaresco Masseria the first cru wines of Vietti. Alfredo did pioneering work in 1967
also for the domestic Arneis grape varietywhich earned him the nickname "Father of Arneis".
brought in. He devoted himself with great enthusiasm to the rediscovery of these almost
forgotten grape that today produces the most famous white wine of the Roero.
Alfredo and Luciana have three children: Emanuela, Elisabetta and Luca.

The first artist label of Vietti designed by Bonichi

The first artist label of Vietti designed by Claudio Bonichi

Artificial labels

In 1970, the two art lovers, due to their friendship with some well-known artists, took the decision to design the labels of their wines according to a completely new concept. The idea was born during a long and cheerful evening in the Langa. They had gathered around a large table with a group of artists and were philosophizing. Finally, their friends suggested to them that the art that Luciana and Alfredo accomplish in the cellar should find its completion with the design of individual labels for the different wines. This is how the idea for the series "Wines with artist labels" was born.

Since then, such important artists as Gianni Gallo, Eso Peluzzi, Pietro Cascella, Mino Maccari, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Claudio Bonichi, Valerio Miroglio, Pierflavio Gallina, Gioxe de Micheli and more have collaborated in the creation of labels destined to enrich both the art and wine collections.

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