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Tokaji Cuvée Patricia 2012 500ml


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One of the houses that supplied the Hungarian court with wines very early on is Királyudvar, which means »the Court of Kings«. Hardly any wine is as closely associated with the royal courts and their prestige as Tokaji.

Tokaji Cuvée Patricia 2012 500ml


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When one thinks of Tokaji, images of the Habsburg court and tales from the Austro-Hungarian monarchy may come to mind. Few wines are so closely associated with the royal court and its prestige. The noble sweet Tokaji was famously known as "the wine of kings and the king of wines", an expression attributed to Louis XIV. Királyudvar, the "court of kings", is considered one of the oldest wineries, having supplied the Hungarian court for a long time. In the heyday of Tokaji from the 16th to the 18th century, the Tokaji Aszú from Királyudvar were among the most renowned in the world.

About the wine:
The wine is made from 100 % Muskotály and comes from the Danczka vineyard selection. After spontaneous fermentation, the wine is aged for seven months in used 225-litre Hungarian oak barrels.

Visual impression:
The wine presents itself in a bright lemon yellow with silvery reflections.

The Cuvée Patricia exudes a bright, floral fragrance, characterised by intensity. Aromas of lime blossom, nutmeg, orange blossom, lemons, Williams pears and a hint of baked fruit rise to the nose. The aroma is complemented by earthy notes reminiscent of rocks, fresh sage and mint, grounding the light-footed character of the wine.

On the palate, the noble sweet Muscat appears pleasantly cool with a fresh, mineral acidity and a cornucopia of yellow fruits. Aromas of apples, pears, but especially lemons and grapefruit paired with a hint of bitter orange, herbs and blossom honey and a slightly tart, refreshing note characterise this wine. A Tokaji that can be so dancing, lightly floating and yet intense.

Food recommendations:
- A dessert of apple sorbet with caramelised almonds
- Rabbit paté with light, dried fruits
- Lemon tart with a touch of rosemary













Contains sulfur

Alcohol content

Residual sweetness



6,5 g/l

Drinking temperature



Kiralyudvar KFT, H-3915 TARCAL / Hungary