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The wines of Királyudvar are impressive. They also literally swept the current winery owner Tony Hwang off his feet. After he had Tokaji Aszú from Királyudvar on the recommendation of a Budapest sommelier, he was so fascinated that he set out the next day to visit the winery. Only a few months later, he bought the winery, which in the past had been the purveyor to the court of the Habsburg imperial family.

He was joined by Tokaj's most famous winemaker, Ivan Szepy. He helped revitalize the vineyards, while the Château was rebuilt.

With time, Szepsy devoted himself to other projects. In the course of the further development, the wine estate was advised by Noël Pinguet, among others. At that time, Pinguet was winemaker of one of the best wine estates in the Vouvray area of the Loire region - Domaine Huët. Noël's advice proved invaluable, especially his recommendations to visit the winery in Tokaj on biodynamic viticulture ...to change over.

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A new era

Today, the winery seamlessly continues the heritage of this noble region. But it has also recognised that Tokaj's historic grape varieties, with their characteristic aromatics, can produce world-class wines in the dry and semi-dry range. Here is an overview of the winery's classic Tokaj wines and its reinterpretations of the traditional varieties.

The wines of Kiràlyudvar

Peszgő "Henye"

Inspired by Huët's all-worshipped PétillantTony has been producing this fascinating sparkling wine on his estate since 2007.

Furmint Sec

This wine was introduced in 2005. It miraculously balances the viscous intensity of the furmint with its bright, fresh acidity.

"Cuvée Ilona"

Another innovation of the winery, named after the wife of the owner. Ilona is a versatile cuvee made from Botrytis grapes of the highest quality.

Cuvée Patrícia

Only in special years this amazing dessert wine is made from a local, rare variety of the Gelber Muskateller.

Aszú 6 Puttonyos

The aszú category is the historical category of dessert wines in Tokaj. Here, a base wine is first prepared from "healthy" grapes, i.e. free from noble rot. Once this wine has fermented, the aszú berries are added to it. These are grapes that have shrunk like sultanas due to the action of the botrytis fungus. The botrytis enzymes change the aroma structure of the berries and thus create a special complexity in the later wine. After a maceration period of 1-2 days, the mixture of young wine and aszú berries is pressed and fermented and matured in wooden barrels.

The winery's classic aszú wines demonstrated tremendous intensity balanced with firm acidity.

Aszú 6 Puttonyos "Lapis"

The "Lapis" vineyard is one of the Grand Cru vineyards in Tokaj. Its dessert wines, produced only in exceptional vintages, can compete with the best noble sweet specialities in the world.


These wines are made exclusively from the free-run aszú must, without pressing pressure. Esszencia is commonly considered the wine of kings.

The winemaker of Kiràlyudvar in a video interview

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