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La Soufrandière

soufrandiere plows with horse in vineyard

Ploughing with horse in the vineyard at La Soufrandiere

Grandfather Bret bought the current family property in Vinzelles around 1947. In 2000, Jean-Philippe and Jean-Guillaume Bret took their vineyards out of the local cooperative and founded their Domaine de la Soufrandière with 4 hectares of vineyards, entirely in the Appellation Pouilly Vinzelles. They also have a negociant stand under the name of Bret Brothers established.

Previously, both were at such notable stations as Ridge and Newton in California, and Comte Lafon in Burgundy, among others. Most of their vines are located on a perfectly situated eastern slope of Vinzelles called Les Quarts on Bajocian limestone with a high silica or quartz content.The vineyards have been farmed organically since 2000, gradually introducing biodynamic principles. The grapes, both own and purchased, are picked into small bins and then pressed in the tinailler (native word for press in Maconnais and Beaujolais) before being gravity fed into the barrel cellar. They are all currently taken out of the barrel for bottling after 11 months.