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La Soufrandière

La Soufrandière is the winery of brothers Jean-Guillaume and Jean Philippe Bret. Also known as the Bret Brothers.

Only a few grape varieties can reflect the character of their terroir in such a differentiated way as Pinot Noir, Riesling or Chardonnay. The brothers Jean-Guillaume and Jean Philippe put the Chardonnay of southern Burgundy in a new light. In the villages of Saint-Veran, Pouilly-Vinzelles and Pouilly-Fuissé, this wine is grown in various sites and parcels. Each of these elaborately and manually cultivated parcels is harvested, fermented and vinified separately. Diversity and character are of paramount importance here.

soufrandiere plows with horse in vineyard At La Soufrandiere in the vineyard

La Soufrandière's Aligoté called Aligato is so oversubscribed that top sommeliers are scrambling for the few bottles. It is urgently worth tasting your way through the sites. That way, everyone can get a good picture to identify their favourite. Pouilly-Vinzelles Climat Les Quarts is the epitome of a mineral Chardonnay with moderate use of wood.

Promised Land

Barely twenty years have passed since those at the helm of the winery La Soufrandière. Early on, they recognised the spirit of the times and saw the need for these steps. First they converted to organic viticulture, later to biodynamics. The vines and the resulting wines thank them today.

The hype about Burgundy is not abating. demand far exceeds the possibilities of the Côte d'Or. The expansion into the areas to the south is understandable and in full swing. The Mâconnais and the Côte Chalonnaise, as well as the Beaujolais further south, are clearly benefiting from this interest and have been experiencing a steady rise in quality for years. The Bret brothers also operate under the name of Bret Brothers a négociant. Here they also vinify exciting wines from the vineyards of friendly winemakers.

Text and wine expertise: © Marian Henß.