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Domaine Albert Mann

In the shadow of big names like Zind-Humbrecht, Weinbach and Trimbach, a company has quietly and secretly worked its way up to the top. At Albert Mann one works diligently and thoughtfully. Quality is always the maxim.

The entire range of classic Alsatian wines is included in the winery's program. Albert Mann represented. Outstanding the Reds.

In terms of Pinot Noir you can't think of many places that can match it. Maybe 250 kilometers southwest, at the Côte d'Or. The wine estate is located very centrally in Alsace, in Wettolsheim near Colmar. Meanwhile, the families running the winery are no longer called Mann but Barthelmé. The two brothers Maurice and Jacky continue to run the Domaine with the highest standards and pride. Two very down-to-earth people who live for wine.

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Tuning in with nature

The aim of the Domaine is to cultivate wine in harmony with nature. Since the 1997 vintage, starting with a few Grand Cru vineyards, biodynamic practices have been applied, taking into account the lunar calendar. Gradually, all the vineyards were converted. Since 2010, the winery has been certified by the French association Biodyvin. The impact of this change was felt by all involved. The labour-intensive and cost-intensive cultivation today results in in pure reflection of the individual terroirs and thus a whole identity of its own for each wine.

Albert Mann Maurice Marie Thérèse Marie Claire et Jacky Barthelmé

The Crus

The range of grape varieties is - typical for the region - broad: Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir have their place. Muscat is also in the minority. The total of 23 hectares are divided into just under 100 small plots.

Five grand crus are cultivated: Hengst, Schlossberg, Furstentum, Steingrubler and Pfersigberg.

Depending on the location and soil, these are planted with only one or even up to three different grape varieties. The monopoly site Clos de La Faille belongs to the Pinot Noir alone. The very good Altenbourg and Rosenberg vineyards are home to pretty much all of the white grape varieties mentioned above.

The beauty of Alsace is that here, in addition to Riesling, the other grape varieties also show a clear profile of their origin, their soil and the environment. The terroir idea is alive here. Also the Crémants by Albert Mann are of the highest quality and are unparalleled in the region.

The Pinot Noirs from the Grand Cru sites as well as the Monopol Clos de La Faille are aged in small wooden barrels according to the Burgundian model. The intense aromas, the floral notes, the elegance and the delicate tannins are characteristics of these Pinots that radiate an insane calm. In other words, just like the Barthelmé brothers.

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